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The plant-based industry is booming in India following the growth trends seen in Europe and North America.
Currently there is no organisation or collective effort in India that represents the interests of plant-based companies. PBFIA will be the first such representative body to take a constructive and collaborative approach for the growing plant-based industry.
The dairy and meat industry lobbies are well established and the plant-based movement needs a strong voice.
PBFIA will aid organisations to grow their businesses via required support, networking, collaboration, and dissemination of technical and market information.
At PBFIA, our primary drive is to highlight the benefits of the plant-based industry via its two key advantages- health and sustainability.
PBFIA will always stress on the bigger picture of securing a plant-forward future for its members in times of conflicting interests.
PBFIA has partnered with organisations with a similar philosophy and vision. We continue to collaborate with other industry bodies to further our goals. The association will work and operate on the principles of co-creation not competition.

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