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We see our role here at PBFIA to be that of an association that evolves as the plant-based industry takes its next leap. Here are a few instrumental ways in which we will be pushing for our goals.


  •  Create a network of suppliers, manufacturers and organisations to help accelerate the growth of the industry
  • Facilitate and support research and technical development support through research labs, academia and commercial players with a view to expedite setting up of sustainable businesses, enhancing capabilities and building capacity of the industry.
  • Connect investors to possible opportunities in the area and companies with possible investors. 
  • Explore potential business opportunities and help create networks of buyers, agents, suppliers and key government contacts in a specific country or region to help expand businesses.
  • To disseminate information regarding technology, domestic and international market trends and opportunities to the members.
  • To provide an umbrella for members at tradeshows, events.
  • To help build the human capacity of the industry.


  • Disseminate information and research on benefits of plant-based alternatives as means to improve health, drive sustainability, food security and means of livelihood.
  • Represent the industry and influence government policy to endorse and support growth of the plant-based industry.
  • Engage in public relations exercises to support our policy advocacy.
  •  Work towards the prevention of barriers from being erected against the plant-based industry by lobbying for incentives, pushing for fair labelling and classification rules, and lowering of tariffs


  • Promote plant-based food as a healthier lifestyle choice through credible research and appropriate endorsements.
  • Highlight the sustainable aspects of choosing a plant-based lifestyle.

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