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What Are Plant-based Foods, Why Plant-based


Plant-based foods are as those foods which are devoid of any animal origin ingredients whether in the processing, or as part of the final product and are used to replace foods which would otherwise contain animal-based ingredients. These plant-based alternatives are foods and beverages made with vegetables, grains, nuts, millets, legumes, fungi or algae.

Plant-based foods can be defined as those foods that meet all the following requirements:

The ingredients
The ingredients consist of or are made exclusively from plants
The additives,
The additives, binders, yeasts, enzymes and/or fortifiers used are not of animal-origin
The foods
The foods are devoid of any animal-based ingredients or additives including honey and casein
The processing
The processing of the foods do not use any animal-origin ingredients or additives

Why Choose Plant-based?

Consumers are opting to shift to a more plant-forward diet due to concerns about the impact of their choices on their own health and that of the planet.

The world’s food systems are responsible for at least one-third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions according to a revolutionary study published in Nature Food in 2021. The way our food is produced, processed and packaged has a detrimental effect on our environment, our health and food security.

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